Saturday, December 14, 2013

Disney World!!

The Great Disney World Wrap UP!

First off, I took over 500 pictures, of things that I can not even begin to discribe. They are off the charts on a magical level. Id like to say secondly that I am no longer considered a disney novice, and have now 2 weeks of disney under my belt during two seperate seasons. I can honestly make the observation that even though i got nailed with at least 29 strollers, and got my foot run over by a couple fat asses on their "meat carts" or motorized scooters this place is truely the happiest place on earth.

I digress, and we shall start with the first magical element.

Everyone, and I mean everyone loves the characters at disney. I would venture to say that I love all of them, but their are few I will wait to take a picture with.  Hints character breakfast. You eat, characters rotate to you, you stop eatting and capture your happyness! Over the course of breakfast I got 3 more pictures with 3 more characters. Donald, Mickey and Minnie. Happyness.
Now I never really considered my self a fan of parades, however, disney parades are a work of art. They are very detailed and have some of the most amazing floats you will ever see. And as mentioned above, they have characters. They play the same song for baout 35-40 mins and roll down mainstreet USA in magic kingdom singing and dancing and throwing fake snow at each other.
Que Chip and Dale.
Yes, that is the castle lit up... But hold on, thats another catagory.
While we were at disney I saw over 5 different parades, It is fair to point out the the best one was during the Very Merry Mickey Christmas Party, in which the park was closed down to normall vistors and only those with Very Merry Mickey Bands (65$ a pop) could stay. The parade alone that night was amazing and I doubt anything will ever top it. That brings me to the next topic.
The fire works displays happen twice a night in the magic kingdom. There is the first, Wishes Spectacualar where a projection onto the castle makes the castle come to life and dance with differnet disney characters and movies and themes. (its amazing, and contains Mine, and my best Buddies Disney World Song)
The second display is the fireworks show, they turn down all the lights in the park and lay down some serious blackpowder! My favorite display happened during the Very merry Mickey party.  Here is a snap shot from this show.

The little lights at the bottom of the shot are mickey mouse led hats that actually sencronised with all the magic kingdom nightime shows. Its pretty epic.
There is not enough to be said about going to disney with your best friend. Katie B is that buddy. I can say that we had a blast, and basicly chewed through all our fingernails in anticipation of this trip! While there we did everything together! Katie, being the trooper she is even caught a cold or had some crazy allergy attack and still kept up with all of us!

Hollywood Studios Light Display
Katie and her mom Linda swore my jaw hit the ground when I walked into the streets to see the Osborn Family Light Display in Hollywood Studios. I believe them. It was definatly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You could stand in the middle of the street and literally not know what to look at during the sencronized light show. It blew my little mind right out the back of head and for a moment it was as if I was a little child...just in awe of christmas and all the magic around me.

It was just incredable. There is really no way to discribe it. Walking into it with all the hype that katie and boone momma gave it, I was like, "Oh yeah...sure". Leaving the light display...I was like.."......OMG, how did they do it! So many lights, so many extention cords! "
This brings me to my final point.
In all honestly, what is more magical then christmas? Really? People revert from their normal asshole, selfish behavior and think of others. People give to the poor, work in soup kitchens, love people who are undeserving and in need. In all honestly it makes people kind, childlike and giving.
Disney at Christmas is a magic overload. Its that feeling you got as a child when you held put up your first christmas tree, when you gave your first present, then you held your first stocking and sang your first silent night with thoughts of  God and Jesus in your heart. That mixed with disney is an overload of childhood happyness that as an Adult...i appreciate so much.

In conclusion. Take your Kids, go with your signigant other or best friend. Share that magical moment with someone who means something to you. Even with the crowds, rude people, and screaming infants.. Its the most magical thing you will ever experance.
--Ps. If you want to make it ever cooler. Be like us and tag on a visit to Universal too!
--Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interestingly enough....

Interestingly enough… I am typing this on a word document because there is absolutely nothing to do at work. Why? You ask? Because our super reliable server system is down….again. That’s totally fine though, because Identity Thief is on HBO Go…and I have unlimited data. Bam. Pay me to watch funny movies.


Finished Treeeeeee (random pic)

What’s on the agenda for this week? Well I shall tell you nosey-rosy. This week I am blessed enough to work my ass off until Thur at 5. After thur at 5 I will be Louisville bound, and on Sat morning I will be Disney World bound. I am so excited I could explode. Ironically enough I really don’t want time to rush by, seeing as I have a shit-ton of stuff to complete before I leave. However, as my best friends says…. “ 2 DAYS TILL DISNEY WORLD BITCHES”. I am very….very…very Disney hungry. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Ill be a universal studios for an entire day as well, what does that mean? Come on Harry Potter nerds, we all know what that means. Harry potter world of course!


I have done most of my laundry and need to pack and put away the rest of my laundry. Cleaned the living room and John is supposedly going to finish the countertops in the kitchen so I can sweep and mop. Secondly I have to come up with a storage solution for Molle’s Dog Trolley that I haul behind my bike,. ..It has just been sitting in my kitchen, taking up space and being a tripping hazard.  I think I am going to rig it up on the ceiling the garage. I’d hang it off the wall like the bike….but john’s car (boat) takes up the majority of that garage. The only storage space is up.

Adding the star to the tree! I shall wear Dersh like a backpack! (random Pic)

Secondly, I have 5 guinea pigs, 1 (medically challenged) cat on a prescription diet and a dog to make sure are geared up for john to feed the entire week I am gone. That means, the cat has a fresh bag and a couple cans of wet food, and the dog has more than half a storage bin full of kibbies (kibble) and some treats. The guineas need at least 105 oz. of Hay and a fresh bag of pellets. I’ve got the cat and dog covered but I still need to go shopping for the piggies and get them some fresh veggies as well. I can only hope that john will clean the cats litter box while I am gone…. But that is just a desperate hope.


LASTLY, it is important to note that my father’s birthday is on the 15th. Just one day after I get back, and on a Sunday, So I have to preplan and get a package together for john to mail next Wed for my Dad’s birthday.  My mom’s birthday is this Thursday. I am very excited to call her and wish her happy birthday. The big sha-bang is the idea that my mother will arrive in KY on the 18th. Only 3 days after I return from Disney.  (AHHHHHHH THE CLEANING).

Today I have prioritized to pay the bills that I have to pay before I leave, the rest I will worry about after Disney (money sucker) is over. Rent wrecked my bank account but thankfully I will get paid the day of departure.

Well, I feel like I have talked your ears off. I haven’t updated in a while and I thought I should share why. Thanksgiving is down, dad visited. It was super fucking stressful. I can add that to a list of things I will never do again. EVER.  Disney and Mom are next on the list. Mom will be here until the 28th of DEC. I know it will go more smoothly, me and my mom are just much cooler these days.  I can’t wait for her to get here. I miss my mommy.


Yall take care, Ill post when I get back and hopefully Ill have some great pictures.



-Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From the Desk of....

Many people can discribe me as many things.
A animal lover, someone who will stand up for the voiceless and will gladly give up her food to give a dog or cat or guinea pig or horse some kibble or grain of feed. You would not be wrong in lableing me as an animal lover. Sometimes i consider the comfort of my dog or cat over that of my own. My dog will never go outside without a coat if I feel like I can not go outside without one... My cat will never be left to fend of her self if i decide I want to go on vaction...she will always have a pet sitter...My guinea pigs travel with me or they stay with my loving man.. And my rescues never go without a meal or ever miss a floor time.
A girlfirend it may be true that me and John have been an item "forever" but that does not make anything about us, part of me. It is true that i will drop anything for him to be at his side if he ever needs me. It is also true that if he is ever sick or hungry or in pain...i legitimatly feel his pain. If john is angery or upset, I am angry and upset. If he is happy...i litterlly can not resist the erge to giggle or hug him even if i have had the worst day. He is my other half, but that does not define me. I am my own person with or without john. I will not heistate to say that he makes me a better person, because he does. But i was already pretty awesome on my own. Here is why. I have a loving heart. I will be there of anyone that needs help, not just friends...even strangers. I am naturally a big sister type. I want to help, i want to be supportive, and I want to help you up. I am forgiving, even people who have torn my heart out have gotten second chances from me, sometimes even third chances. I am protective, you will never feel as if you are not safe with my word. I am what i say i am and what i say i will do. I am not however a doormat for you to whipe your feet on while you transition through life. Over the years i have grown to understand that my need to shelter and protect and help people has gotten me hurt. Not everyone can be fixed, and not everyone that wants help will help themselves. Ive learned the hardest lesson here. How to let go.
Ive let go of friends, family, and oppertunities that have hurt,betrayed, and used me. So here is the deal, i will always be the first to rech out and offer you my hand. If you chose to take it know that ill be there for you step by step. But the second you choose to pull me down with you, thats when I will let you go. Friendship is offered to everyone I meet. Not everyone will take it. Ill continue to be me.
So...Definations? Are they really true?
Am I really an amimal lover if i eat meat and enjoy hunting?
Am i really a "girlfriend" if i refuse to let the relationship define me?
Yes. Because I am me, I define my defintions, i define me.
---this non sense brought to you by
Sarah Gooch 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall gives birth to Winter....

It's offically cold ... my bank account is reflecting my Disney World Trip being almost paid off. Today my house smells like beef and potatos in a tomato base... My crock pot it working and making food as I make money. Its been a long week with close to 40 hours Pet Store and 35 hours City... This paycheck is going to rock however it was very hard earned. Ill keep the fire lit under it but this week I don't think ill work anything over extra at the city. Sunday will be the first complete day off I have had in a month and a half. I don't even know what to do with a full day off other then hang out with my dog and maybe go for a hike.

My bike is getting closer and closer to being repaired. I need new tires and tubes and me and the molle mobile will be ready for the road again.

Molle straped into the new bike pulled cart!
Until then I have a derby skills test to train for. Laps are my primary concern seeing as I am very out of shape. This week I get to hit up two derby practices! Sunday and Tue! I am in the process of washing my pads for this week as I have already got them all stinky!

Today I have one video shoot at 3:30, and then I get to go home, swap out my closets winter to summer, do laundry and reset the garage with all the summer gear! Here is to hoping that I will have enough storage bins and enough hangers for my many coats!

I LOVE WINTER. Prepaire for happy.

                                                                             -Sarah Gooch

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vent... Not just for air circulation!

I won't post this update anywhere. If someone reads it, it's probably because they happened apon it by complete accident.

First off, Today was horrible. Truely horrible. It wasn't the worst, but it was pretty up there on the craptastic scale. Work #1 Pet store shit. Associates get worse and worse every week. I have been carrying around alot of tension in my shoulders, and it is mostly from cleaning up after lazy people. I do it for people I love only. Right now this is limited to my Pets, my Family and my Boyfriend. Even he has a point where I start to get alittle Rwar.

Rwar has happened. I went postal this morning when i came in and saw the amount of dead fish in the tanks, the dirty filters, the nasty milky white quarntine tank with the same filters that I put in there on Sat.... I'm done. Im don't playing mother to lazyness. Ignorance is one thing, I will teach, i will learn right along side you. But i will not, and will never again take up for you or have pitty on you when you are flat out lazy/late/or call out 2 hours after your shift begins. This is your job. Do it or get the fuck out.

Secondly. Job#2 Walk into a shit storm started by one of the other video techs about how I am not doing what he needs me to do. Uh. Buddy i told you i am waiting for clearance to get that b-roll. Shut your face. I can not do what i am not authorized to do, and to get your b-roll I need an escort. Over it. Told my Boss i was over it. She's over it too.

Bonni. -> Pee'd on the couch. Thanks cat.
Molle-> Destroyed paperplates, one of her backpack pouches and a treat bag. Thanks dog.

John-> I love you. Thank you for the flowers. <3

On and on today has sucked ass. As soon as I get off here I am going to go tan for a lil bit...then go take a long ass bath.. maybe stop by walmart and get some bath salts first and do it right. I need it.

If i don't hulk out at throw someone through a wall first with all this shoulder tension. Lol.

Anywho, Thanks for the Vent Session.
Sorry If you got trapped into reading it.

                                                               -=Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pig-tastic October

It's fantastic, and It's full of Guinea Pigs. Therefore it is Pigtastic. I'll start you off with some cute pig photos from my Deviant Art Account.

Some shots are old that have just been edited, some are new. The top two shots feature Sprite, my first pig, or the pig that started an obsession. The bottom pig is my newest pig, Tab the ginger. Hes a total goob.
Anyway, let me enlighten you to the tastic in pig-tastic.
First off, Foster news.
These are our intake stats.
3 Females, (ginger, ruby eyes) Origin: Owensboro Animal Control
-> Sent to Rescued Guinea Pigs in Settlesburg IN
(pending adoption)
2 Females (Long hair, one tan/brown black, other white/black tan)
Origin: Owensboro Animal Control
Sent to Rescued Guinea Pigs in Settlesburg IN
(pending adoption)
2 Males (Blonde and white, Black and white) Origin: Personal Surrender
Currently Boarding
We have been busy busy busy with the city of owensboro! Looking forward to expanding to cover Bowling Green as well. Maybe one day in the future Evansville.
So as you can see, we have been up to our ears in wheeks. Thankfully our foster numbers are at 2, and we are no stranger to the guys that we have in right now. They where placed in a home about 2 months ago and have been returned, due to lazyness.
The second reason for tastic is my job has promoted me! Wooo! I have advanced in pet store rank by one as the new Pet Care Lead, Which too those who are like... WTF is that. It means that in the department of Petcare I am second in command to my amazing boss-woman. Code name Dersh. So, I am stoked. I am moving from norm 28 hours a week to a steady 36-40 hours a week. Full time baby. This is coming in great time for my student loan defurment to end. I have one more deferment period i can take...but i plan on saving that for a rainy day.
So as you can see, Ive been busy with the pet store, with my Guinea Fosters and with Halloween prep. Ill leave yall at that for now. Next blog all dedicate to halloween and decorations and dog costumes. I plan to work the entirity of the actuall holiday, however ill be one of those people who leaves a bucket of candy out. ;)
Much Love,
Sarah Gooch


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The days of....Plenty?

Another non-holiday/holiday has come and gone...and I rocked going to work and even had a cook out with some good friends. It was nice to host a part at my home and to just relax not worring about having to get home after the party. The clean up was simple and I even had leftovers! WOO! After taking a non-eat out pledge. (no its not dirty) We have probably saves close to 200 $ in the last (almost month) from eating at home and not spending any money on fast food or vending machines. This is a good thing in many ways as I am preping to go to disney world at the begining of Dec. Im very exceited and the no outside food rule that has been imposed on my house and body has not only saved me money but has knocked off a couple pounds from my hips. Ha. Who would have thought.

Our bonfire from last night. xD
Things with the family (bo's fam) continue to improve, which is great. We spend more time with them and things are begining to feel normal again. But here is the best of the news. I was offered Full Time at the Petstore! Woo! The best part of this understanding that i am not going to quit my city job, so I am just going to add a 150 bucks to my budget which is going to help keep me in the black. John's job search continues. Hopefully he gets something soon, but I have gotten used to working 24/7 no days off. It's just normal. My sleep schedule has suffered a touch but ive gotten used to the smaller amount of hours.

All and all, being young and way to busy has seemed to work really really well.
I hope everything is going well with the rest of you. <3

-Sarah Gooch

Monday, September 16, 2013

Wallow... Word of the Day?

Trying not to be pathetic but let me just be the first to say the being a woman is rad for 3 weeks out of 4. Its all magical and shit... then the bill comes due. Today, I am paying the bill and trying to get every little bit out of it I can.

Ordered pizza and pasta. Thought, well at least I can just eat what I am craving. What a novel idea, Yes, I can eat but let me assure you that cramps on a full tummy are 15x worse then on a relatively empty one. Alright.. thats fine.

So chocolate right? Oh your so right. Went through the house stash in 35 min, (which mind you wasn't much) John brought chocolate. <love> And it was reese's and it was king size. Thank god you beautiful man you.

Ironicly, rage was never included. Or sadness. Just pain. Lots and lots of pain. So I shall sleep and watch HBO when i cant sleep, and hang out with my pets. Then when I can no longer sleep, I shall soak. Then I shall sleep again.

So. Please don't pitty me. This is what makes my pain tolerance so amazing. It builds character, and allows me one day where my body will not allow me to clean on my days off.  ;)

So bring it on woman parts...
     I've got tylonal pm and chocolate... (and pizza,pasta and wings, Thanks Pizza Hut)

                                     Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Holy Cow Patties Batman!!

Page views are at 125, per week. Holy crap. How did that happen.

I guess other people seek entertainment from my lifes ha ha and boo hoos. Though it has been really nice that there has been less boo hoo and more Ha Ha these days. Maybe my positive outlook on life draws more people in then my negative rants?

Or maybe people just really liked me last blog about Yes, This is Dog. Lmao.

Anyway, back to the grind today. Ive had a couple days off to handle some fun personal business that thankfully all shook out pretty well and I feel "somewhat" rested and prepared to take on the rest of my week. Thankfully today is a One Job day and all I have to do is make it till 5 then I can go home, clean and bond with my animals and my man. Today will be the big guinea pig bedding change day where we switch back from paper to fabric.

I'll admit, I had fun with the paper, it was festive and very very easy to just throw away and add more. Alas, I am not the type of person that will sacrifice money for less work.

Furthermore, excuse my manners as I have not introduced my family to you yet! Drum roll Please.

The Great John, he is not just a boyfriend, He is THE boyfriend. We have been dating for 9 years now and are finally living together not under a parents roof. Its pretty freeing and we have created our own little life together with our fur-kids. John is partial to the Guinea Pigs, but every now and then he will have a moment of understanding with the dog and cat.

My Two Girls and the Original Pigs, Coke (the front) and Sprite in the back. They are close to one full year old now and are probably the most loved pigs in the whole house. Coke is Johns Lil girl, (his fave) and Sprite was my first Guinea Pig that started the addiction.
Mr. Pibb. He was the Male that started it all. Mr. Pibb was first known as sick pig. Simply because of his inability to recover from simple sniffles after coming into contact with new guinea pigs at the store. He spend months in our isolation room where I hand fed and watered him to make sure this Lil dude would pull through. Well, needless to say we bonded. Mr. Pibb is my secret favorite. He hangs out with me all the time while cooking, editing and even on road trips. (He is well traveled). Mr. Pibb enjoys eating hay and long runs on the floor.

This is Possum Pig, AKA Fanta. My other Male. I got him strictly to keep pibb company until we could get him neutered so he could hang around with the girls. Pibb and Fanta are shadows of each other. Fanta has a mild Head Tilt and shows some signs of a neurological condition, but is able to navigate very well and doesn't let it slow him down. We think it was from an ear infection that went untreated and caused some damage when he was just a young pup.


Bonni Cat. The original pet, and the best cat to ever walk this earth. She was a stray animal facility cat that won my heart from the moment I say her in Germany. She has traveled with me and my mom since day one and is now solely my cat. She loves cuddles, ear scratching and "kitty snacks".

Molle Der Hund. Molle is a Corgi with a Tail and she is full of fun and energy. She is now 2 years old, (lord where has the time gone) and is Mama's Lil girl through and though. She is a fetch freak, and will retrieve anything, and I mean anything you will toss her. She loves to swim and wade and is everything I have every wanted in a dog. Those stubby little legs won my mind, and her unconditional loyalty won my heart.
Alright, well that's my clan, And I feel like introductions have been long so I am going to wrap it up there with that today. This is my Monday so happy late Monday to the rest of the working world. ;)
Y'all Make it a Good One.
Sarah Gooch

Friday, September 6, 2013

Yes, This is Dog.

We Interrupt The Mornings Coffee and Donuts to report that... Yes. This is Dog.

I came accross this internet meme a couple years ago and fell in love with it. I wont lie, my dog now anwsers the phone for every telemarketer that decides to try to sell me something. This morning when my boss called and asked me to come in and help stock, I let my dog get that one too. While she has to be prompted to speak, Que. "Say Hi" Its pretty amusing to see her carry on with the person on the phone like they really want to talk to her. So. To make everyone Magic Happy, I will post my favorite "Hello, This is Dog" Memes Below.

The old... No I will not accept your collect call spiel!

Yes dog, cat here.

I am now so tempted to write on my car window... Yes, This is Dog. ;P That way every time we go for a walk I shall honor my favorite meme!
Until Next Time Chuckle Heads!
Sarah Gooch

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Explinations and Miracles

Miracles need no explanation, they just come at a time where you would not have been successful without them. Right now the miracle in my life is pocket change. As it just made the 7 dollars I needed for my rent check to not bounce. Another slightly less fortunate miracle is that of Wifi and Tobacco. Without both I would not be online listening to better radio from better cities while I type this blog.

Artist of the week, Gym Class Heros. Yep, its been pretty helpful for me to listen to them this week. I have needed a good soundtrack to keep me moving through all the pointless crap and stupid arguements. Right now the only thing I am running on, Smokes, Sleep, Snuggles. I think that tonight I will have to go without one of my S's.

The Cat and Dog were fighting something hard core tonight, don't know what was up with bonni, but she wasn't putting up with Molle's crap. Every time the ball rolled over to Bonni's corner, it was like satan cat had crawled out of hell to scratch Molle's eyes out. We finally got them to play nice, long enough for me and John to fight over who was hungrier. For him to walk off, and for me to walk out and grab my keys and take a drive around the block.

So here I am, Smoking like High Noon in the Dessert. Typing like my keys are on fire. There is nothing wrong with either of us, we are just tired of looking for couch change for the rent. I shouldn't be so hard on John. He just went out and got a second job today and god knows I am so grateful that I don't have to carry us next month too. It really is exhausting to work this hard and this long and have nothing to pay the rent with after its all done. 

All and all the moral of the story is, Make lots of money. Because no matter what situation your in, it doesn't hurt to have money. However, it doesn't matter how in love your are or how happy you are, Your rent is still due at the beginning of every month and they will not hesitate to cut your power/water off if you can't pay. If they took checks in the form of love or maybe ever ambition... That would be swell, but until then.. It'll be two jobs for me, exhaustion and fights about money and food.

                     Keep on Keep'n on.

                                                          Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cover Letters and Applications...

So as soon as I got a job in Kentucky doing big things with the city, My amazing mother called me and informed me of a college in TX that was intrested in having my application on file for future jobs. Now, right of the bat you'll notice that there number 1, is not a job opening. Number 2, I live in Kentucky, am I really going to move again??
"Really Mom? Moving Again?!"- Bonni

The anwser is simple my friend. Yes, I would move again. I don't have children, I don't need to live in a great school district neighborhood, I don't have morgage.. In fact, there is nothing, and I mean nothing legally tieing me in to KY except a lease and 2 part time jobs. With enough money to break my lease and 2 weeks notice I could be anywhere in the country. Right now, my life is all about freeing my self from struggle. I work 65+ hours per week right now, and I struggle.

Problem #1. Family. My signifigant others family lives here, and mind you things have been rough...but it would really suck to not be able to see them anymore.

Problem #2. Signifigant others job. There is no Home Depot in the city in which we would be moving to should i get hired. There is also not a petstore of certain requirement (not naming names) that I could transfur to. This is a small small town. I would be the only person working, and I would be doing it on one salery and not 2, so the pay would have to be good.

Problem #3. My family. This puts me smack dab in the middle of everyone, and I mean everyone I care about. Dad would be 12 hours away, mom would be 5. Johns fam would be 17, Katie would be even further (screw it I'm flying), Kassy (flying), and Kay (flying). Wow. Thats a new level of alone and sacrifice. Again... the paycheck would have to be sweet.

But you know what. I will apply. I'll send my resume and know that what ever happens, there is a plan for me that always works out. You know, as long as I don't move without a job again. That was stupid. Lol.

Anywho, Back to photoshop and Editting. Gotta head to the police department tonight to shoot a PSA and then onwards to home to be poor after paying rent and leaving 20 cents in my back account.


                                         Sarah Gooch

Friday, August 30, 2013

Growing Up....Slowly and with much protest!

Rocking the Old Family Picture in my New/Old blog.
Confused? Me too, This is my family, and though separated by a couple states and a legal divorce they are still my family and still as whole as ever. My father was present throughout my entire life, I was raised knowing how a man should act and hold him self and I thank my Dad for that every day. My Mother showed me what dedication and persistence and unconditional love was from a very early age, and got the lovely job of raising me though out my teen life. I'm sure she wanted to kill me at least a couple times. Okay, maybe more. However she did not, she stood patiently beside her insane and hyper daughter as she went from dirty and restless, to rebellious and standoffish and now to me as a young lady. I refuse to call my self an Adult. Okay, Young Adult. She raised me to be my own woman, and taught me how to garden and smile even when you want to frown. My mother is the picture of a southern lady, and I know she tired so hard for me to be one of those adorable little girls that basks in moms shadow and begs to wear make up and bras. That was never me. I blossomed into a child that played multiple sports, obsessed over animals and longed to be in the saddle of a horse with "spirit" or crazy as my mother would call it. My mother, is a saint. She took me, and molded me into me today. How she did it, Ill never know.
Thankfully, I had some pretty great friends along the way. Starting at a young age Caroline Kate was my bestie. We did everything together and her little sister Nancy Ann tagged along with every adventure. I loved those girls. When I was 10 my family made our first military move to Germany. Yes. Germany. I quickly learned the military brat lifestyle and embraced it to the fullest extent. You know, with angst and rebellion. Lol. My best friend Kristin, or Kay as i called her came from this trip. Middle school can not be defined without mentioning my "boy-crush" Johny. (Now known as John) I loved him from the moment he tried to steal my buddies rose from me while she was in the bathroom. I stalked him for a good year... and he finally decided the he liked me too. Love was born. (we are still dating).
High school brought about Colorado Springs, for our second and shortest station. There i met Robby and Courtney. Friends through and through we ran our streets like stray dogs. We lives and acted like family and I still to this day would stand beside my "pack".  There was soccor, and high school fights,disciplinary action, and my mom pulling her hair out trying to deal with this lil kid acting all hard and acting out at school. (one of those moments where she prob wanted to give me away) One of my more put together yet still insane friends is now a mom of one beautiful lil girl Emmy-Face your a great friend and an amazing mother ;P I will always remember axe sprays in the face and mouth, drunken wrestling and un-drunken romping and well as all the caffeine and nerdy nights of anime and movies. Love you EMMY. My mom put up with all this... Again, she stood by my terrible self and we packed up for the next duty station.
Back to Germany!!! Yep, you can see my mom had a favorite, and I did too. I fell in love with Germany. I was reunited with my Best buddy and Sister Kay, I met one of my best friends in the world Kassy. I worked through all my issues with a short stint of smoking and alittle promiscuity. (note, that doesn't always mean sleeping around) In my case this meant dating 3 men at at time and leading on potential other boyfriends. Like a baby skank! Lol. Thankfully i grew out of that pretty quick when I realized at the end of senior year what was important to me. That was it.
I move to Kentucky, attending the WKU (western Kentucky university) college.Broadcast journalism with a minor in Ag. What you say? You right, i shortly lived that dream then changes my minor to English Lit. Some people say I moved to KY for John. That was a part of it, but WKU won my heart. I am a hilltopper, I sport a big red tattoo on my hip and I love Western and all magic that takes place on the hill. I learned through classes and my job as an RA. Through Bad Roomates and Good Ones. And made some of the best friends that I have ever dreamed of having. People such as Katie, she is like a well put together red headed and skinny version of me. We enjoy sarcasm blunt honestly and spoof horror movies with a blend of Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Its like a cool nerd. Shes Radio to my TV. The Cheese to the Pepperoni. (I know I don't like cheese, but she is like white cheese, which, I like) Moments like this bring me to the endless memories of Bowling Green like joining roller derby and working at afni. Going hiking with my dog and getting fresh apples from the orchard. Yeah, I loved WKU. I was over the whole school thing...and I rushed out pretty quick.
Atlanta. I hesitate to say this was a total mistake. Its the fastest move Ive ever made and probably the most dramatic event of my life... But i learned a lot about my self..I learned that I can be aggressive, I learned about listening, and being humble. I learned that its okay to forgive someone that may not ever forgive you. I learned about angels. Catherine with a C. Your amazing and I miss you everyday. If it wasn't for John being in KY I think we could have been long term Roomies. Katherine with a K. You are an amazing friend, and i truly value every adventure we had. Kisha, who will not ever see this post because her cool ass is at burning man. (Kisha is by far my coolest nerd friend, and possibly the most kind and beautiful soul Ive ever met) and Karen. I don't know if i can ever explain you Karen but you contain all the coolness and calm that I want to possess. Your gorgeous and fun and an amazing mom and wife. Your so beyond blesses and its because you are such a great person.  KKK C. The best derby teammates Ive ever had, the best group of pals I will probably ever have.
Kentucky. Yep. I'm back. John and I live together, its beautiful. I run and hike and love and play and watch tv and clean as much or as little as I want. (yeah im OCD so what). My life here is everything I want. It was a hard path full of burning bridges behind me to get back here, but I am here and I know now what being truly in love feels like. So yeah. That pet store. I work at the same one, and let me just say, the girls and 2-3 boys of this pet store are amazing. I have the best associate friends ever. The public service job? That's new, and I rock it. <3 Thanks WKU. Thanks Mom, Dad, Friends and Fur Friends. Hell, thanks Enemies. Yall got me here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First and Foremost,
This is not my first blog. I will  not make promises to write in it, Ill do it as I have time as my life has never been convenient to anyone or any activity. Not being negative, You'll certainly enjoy my tails of Pet Stores and Public Work. You may also get a kick out of my love life, or friendships. Maybe your into dog training or guinea pigs. You've come to the right blog. I have a lot of time on my hands when it comes to work with the city, For my protection I will not state my location or my employer. Feel free to guess or ask. I'm sure many things I will talk about will ring true with my fellow associates and colleges. :) I hope y'all are ready because I am.

 It's new.
       It's Fresh.
               It's my new Blog.

                                                            Sarah Gooch