Friday, August 30, 2013

Growing Up....Slowly and with much protest!

Rocking the Old Family Picture in my New/Old blog.
Confused? Me too, This is my family, and though separated by a couple states and a legal divorce they are still my family and still as whole as ever. My father was present throughout my entire life, I was raised knowing how a man should act and hold him self and I thank my Dad for that every day. My Mother showed me what dedication and persistence and unconditional love was from a very early age, and got the lovely job of raising me though out my teen life. I'm sure she wanted to kill me at least a couple times. Okay, maybe more. However she did not, she stood patiently beside her insane and hyper daughter as she went from dirty and restless, to rebellious and standoffish and now to me as a young lady. I refuse to call my self an Adult. Okay, Young Adult. She raised me to be my own woman, and taught me how to garden and smile even when you want to frown. My mother is the picture of a southern lady, and I know she tired so hard for me to be one of those adorable little girls that basks in moms shadow and begs to wear make up and bras. That was never me. I blossomed into a child that played multiple sports, obsessed over animals and longed to be in the saddle of a horse with "spirit" or crazy as my mother would call it. My mother, is a saint. She took me, and molded me into me today. How she did it, Ill never know.
Thankfully, I had some pretty great friends along the way. Starting at a young age Caroline Kate was my bestie. We did everything together and her little sister Nancy Ann tagged along with every adventure. I loved those girls. When I was 10 my family made our first military move to Germany. Yes. Germany. I quickly learned the military brat lifestyle and embraced it to the fullest extent. You know, with angst and rebellion. Lol. My best friend Kristin, or Kay as i called her came from this trip. Middle school can not be defined without mentioning my "boy-crush" Johny. (Now known as John) I loved him from the moment he tried to steal my buddies rose from me while she was in the bathroom. I stalked him for a good year... and he finally decided the he liked me too. Love was born. (we are still dating).
High school brought about Colorado Springs, for our second and shortest station. There i met Robby and Courtney. Friends through and through we ran our streets like stray dogs. We lives and acted like family and I still to this day would stand beside my "pack".  There was soccor, and high school fights,disciplinary action, and my mom pulling her hair out trying to deal with this lil kid acting all hard and acting out at school. (one of those moments where she prob wanted to give me away) One of my more put together yet still insane friends is now a mom of one beautiful lil girl Emmy-Face your a great friend and an amazing mother ;P I will always remember axe sprays in the face and mouth, drunken wrestling and un-drunken romping and well as all the caffeine and nerdy nights of anime and movies. Love you EMMY. My mom put up with all this... Again, she stood by my terrible self and we packed up for the next duty station.
Back to Germany!!! Yep, you can see my mom had a favorite, and I did too. I fell in love with Germany. I was reunited with my Best buddy and Sister Kay, I met one of my best friends in the world Kassy. I worked through all my issues with a short stint of smoking and alittle promiscuity. (note, that doesn't always mean sleeping around) In my case this meant dating 3 men at at time and leading on potential other boyfriends. Like a baby skank! Lol. Thankfully i grew out of that pretty quick when I realized at the end of senior year what was important to me. That was it.
I move to Kentucky, attending the WKU (western Kentucky university) college.Broadcast journalism with a minor in Ag. What you say? You right, i shortly lived that dream then changes my minor to English Lit. Some people say I moved to KY for John. That was a part of it, but WKU won my heart. I am a hilltopper, I sport a big red tattoo on my hip and I love Western and all magic that takes place on the hill. I learned through classes and my job as an RA. Through Bad Roomates and Good Ones. And made some of the best friends that I have ever dreamed of having. People such as Katie, she is like a well put together red headed and skinny version of me. We enjoy sarcasm blunt honestly and spoof horror movies with a blend of Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Its like a cool nerd. Shes Radio to my TV. The Cheese to the Pepperoni. (I know I don't like cheese, but she is like white cheese, which, I like) Moments like this bring me to the endless memories of Bowling Green like joining roller derby and working at afni. Going hiking with my dog and getting fresh apples from the orchard. Yeah, I loved WKU. I was over the whole school thing...and I rushed out pretty quick.
Atlanta. I hesitate to say this was a total mistake. Its the fastest move Ive ever made and probably the most dramatic event of my life... But i learned a lot about my self..I learned that I can be aggressive, I learned about listening, and being humble. I learned that its okay to forgive someone that may not ever forgive you. I learned about angels. Catherine with a C. Your amazing and I miss you everyday. If it wasn't for John being in KY I think we could have been long term Roomies. Katherine with a K. You are an amazing friend, and i truly value every adventure we had. Kisha, who will not ever see this post because her cool ass is at burning man. (Kisha is by far my coolest nerd friend, and possibly the most kind and beautiful soul Ive ever met) and Karen. I don't know if i can ever explain you Karen but you contain all the coolness and calm that I want to possess. Your gorgeous and fun and an amazing mom and wife. Your so beyond blesses and its because you are such a great person.  KKK C. The best derby teammates Ive ever had, the best group of pals I will probably ever have.
Kentucky. Yep. I'm back. John and I live together, its beautiful. I run and hike and love and play and watch tv and clean as much or as little as I want. (yeah im OCD so what). My life here is everything I want. It was a hard path full of burning bridges behind me to get back here, but I am here and I know now what being truly in love feels like. So yeah. That pet store. I work at the same one, and let me just say, the girls and 2-3 boys of this pet store are amazing. I have the best associate friends ever. The public service job? That's new, and I rock it. <3 Thanks WKU. Thanks Mom, Dad, Friends and Fur Friends. Hell, thanks Enemies. Yall got me here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First and Foremost,
This is not my first blog. I will  not make promises to write in it, Ill do it as I have time as my life has never been convenient to anyone or any activity. Not being negative, You'll certainly enjoy my tails of Pet Stores and Public Work. You may also get a kick out of my love life, or friendships. Maybe your into dog training or guinea pigs. You've come to the right blog. I have a lot of time on my hands when it comes to work with the city, For my protection I will not state my location or my employer. Feel free to guess or ask. I'm sure many things I will talk about will ring true with my fellow associates and colleges. :) I hope y'all are ready because I am.

 It's new.
       It's Fresh.
               It's my new Blog.

                                                            Sarah Gooch