Monday, September 16, 2013

Wallow... Word of the Day?

Trying not to be pathetic but let me just be the first to say the being a woman is rad for 3 weeks out of 4. Its all magical and shit... then the bill comes due. Today, I am paying the bill and trying to get every little bit out of it I can.

Ordered pizza and pasta. Thought, well at least I can just eat what I am craving. What a novel idea, Yes, I can eat but let me assure you that cramps on a full tummy are 15x worse then on a relatively empty one. Alright.. thats fine.

So chocolate right? Oh your so right. Went through the house stash in 35 min, (which mind you wasn't much) John brought chocolate. <love> And it was reese's and it was king size. Thank god you beautiful man you.

Ironicly, rage was never included. Or sadness. Just pain. Lots and lots of pain. So I shall sleep and watch HBO when i cant sleep, and hang out with my pets. Then when I can no longer sleep, I shall soak. Then I shall sleep again.

So. Please don't pitty me. This is what makes my pain tolerance so amazing. It builds character, and allows me one day where my body will not allow me to clean on my days off.  ;)

So bring it on woman parts...
     I've got tylonal pm and chocolate... (and pizza,pasta and wings, Thanks Pizza Hut)

                                     Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Holy Cow Patties Batman!!

Page views are at 125, per week. Holy crap. How did that happen.

I guess other people seek entertainment from my lifes ha ha and boo hoos. Though it has been really nice that there has been less boo hoo and more Ha Ha these days. Maybe my positive outlook on life draws more people in then my negative rants?

Or maybe people just really liked me last blog about Yes, This is Dog. Lmao.

Anyway, back to the grind today. Ive had a couple days off to handle some fun personal business that thankfully all shook out pretty well and I feel "somewhat" rested and prepared to take on the rest of my week. Thankfully today is a One Job day and all I have to do is make it till 5 then I can go home, clean and bond with my animals and my man. Today will be the big guinea pig bedding change day where we switch back from paper to fabric.

I'll admit, I had fun with the paper, it was festive and very very easy to just throw away and add more. Alas, I am not the type of person that will sacrifice money for less work.

Furthermore, excuse my manners as I have not introduced my family to you yet! Drum roll Please.

The Great John, he is not just a boyfriend, He is THE boyfriend. We have been dating for 9 years now and are finally living together not under a parents roof. Its pretty freeing and we have created our own little life together with our fur-kids. John is partial to the Guinea Pigs, but every now and then he will have a moment of understanding with the dog and cat.

My Two Girls and the Original Pigs, Coke (the front) and Sprite in the back. They are close to one full year old now and are probably the most loved pigs in the whole house. Coke is Johns Lil girl, (his fave) and Sprite was my first Guinea Pig that started the addiction.
Mr. Pibb. He was the Male that started it all. Mr. Pibb was first known as sick pig. Simply because of his inability to recover from simple sniffles after coming into contact with new guinea pigs at the store. He spend months in our isolation room where I hand fed and watered him to make sure this Lil dude would pull through. Well, needless to say we bonded. Mr. Pibb is my secret favorite. He hangs out with me all the time while cooking, editing and even on road trips. (He is well traveled). Mr. Pibb enjoys eating hay and long runs on the floor.

This is Possum Pig, AKA Fanta. My other Male. I got him strictly to keep pibb company until we could get him neutered so he could hang around with the girls. Pibb and Fanta are shadows of each other. Fanta has a mild Head Tilt and shows some signs of a neurological condition, but is able to navigate very well and doesn't let it slow him down. We think it was from an ear infection that went untreated and caused some damage when he was just a young pup.


Bonni Cat. The original pet, and the best cat to ever walk this earth. She was a stray animal facility cat that won my heart from the moment I say her in Germany. She has traveled with me and my mom since day one and is now solely my cat. She loves cuddles, ear scratching and "kitty snacks".

Molle Der Hund. Molle is a Corgi with a Tail and she is full of fun and energy. She is now 2 years old, (lord where has the time gone) and is Mama's Lil girl through and though. She is a fetch freak, and will retrieve anything, and I mean anything you will toss her. She loves to swim and wade and is everything I have every wanted in a dog. Those stubby little legs won my mind, and her unconditional loyalty won my heart.
Alright, well that's my clan, And I feel like introductions have been long so I am going to wrap it up there with that today. This is my Monday so happy late Monday to the rest of the working world. ;)
Y'all Make it a Good One.
Sarah Gooch

Friday, September 6, 2013

Yes, This is Dog.

We Interrupt The Mornings Coffee and Donuts to report that... Yes. This is Dog.

I came accross this internet meme a couple years ago and fell in love with it. I wont lie, my dog now anwsers the phone for every telemarketer that decides to try to sell me something. This morning when my boss called and asked me to come in and help stock, I let my dog get that one too. While she has to be prompted to speak, Que. "Say Hi" Its pretty amusing to see her carry on with the person on the phone like they really want to talk to her. So. To make everyone Magic Happy, I will post my favorite "Hello, This is Dog" Memes Below.

The old... No I will not accept your collect call spiel!

Yes dog, cat here.

I am now so tempted to write on my car window... Yes, This is Dog. ;P That way every time we go for a walk I shall honor my favorite meme!
Until Next Time Chuckle Heads!
Sarah Gooch

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Explinations and Miracles

Miracles need no explanation, they just come at a time where you would not have been successful without them. Right now the miracle in my life is pocket change. As it just made the 7 dollars I needed for my rent check to not bounce. Another slightly less fortunate miracle is that of Wifi and Tobacco. Without both I would not be online listening to better radio from better cities while I type this blog.

Artist of the week, Gym Class Heros. Yep, its been pretty helpful for me to listen to them this week. I have needed a good soundtrack to keep me moving through all the pointless crap and stupid arguements. Right now the only thing I am running on, Smokes, Sleep, Snuggles. I think that tonight I will have to go without one of my S's.

The Cat and Dog were fighting something hard core tonight, don't know what was up with bonni, but she wasn't putting up with Molle's crap. Every time the ball rolled over to Bonni's corner, it was like satan cat had crawled out of hell to scratch Molle's eyes out. We finally got them to play nice, long enough for me and John to fight over who was hungrier. For him to walk off, and for me to walk out and grab my keys and take a drive around the block.

So here I am, Smoking like High Noon in the Dessert. Typing like my keys are on fire. There is nothing wrong with either of us, we are just tired of looking for couch change for the rent. I shouldn't be so hard on John. He just went out and got a second job today and god knows I am so grateful that I don't have to carry us next month too. It really is exhausting to work this hard and this long and have nothing to pay the rent with after its all done. 

All and all the moral of the story is, Make lots of money. Because no matter what situation your in, it doesn't hurt to have money. However, it doesn't matter how in love your are or how happy you are, Your rent is still due at the beginning of every month and they will not hesitate to cut your power/water off if you can't pay. If they took checks in the form of love or maybe ever ambition... That would be swell, but until then.. It'll be two jobs for me, exhaustion and fights about money and food.

                     Keep on Keep'n on.

                                                          Sarah Gooch

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cover Letters and Applications...

So as soon as I got a job in Kentucky doing big things with the city, My amazing mother called me and informed me of a college in TX that was intrested in having my application on file for future jobs. Now, right of the bat you'll notice that there number 1, is not a job opening. Number 2, I live in Kentucky, am I really going to move again??
"Really Mom? Moving Again?!"- Bonni

The anwser is simple my friend. Yes, I would move again. I don't have children, I don't need to live in a great school district neighborhood, I don't have morgage.. In fact, there is nothing, and I mean nothing legally tieing me in to KY except a lease and 2 part time jobs. With enough money to break my lease and 2 weeks notice I could be anywhere in the country. Right now, my life is all about freeing my self from struggle. I work 65+ hours per week right now, and I struggle.

Problem #1. Family. My signifigant others family lives here, and mind you things have been rough...but it would really suck to not be able to see them anymore.

Problem #2. Signifigant others job. There is no Home Depot in the city in which we would be moving to should i get hired. There is also not a petstore of certain requirement (not naming names) that I could transfur to. This is a small small town. I would be the only person working, and I would be doing it on one salery and not 2, so the pay would have to be good.

Problem #3. My family. This puts me smack dab in the middle of everyone, and I mean everyone I care about. Dad would be 12 hours away, mom would be 5. Johns fam would be 17, Katie would be even further (screw it I'm flying), Kassy (flying), and Kay (flying). Wow. Thats a new level of alone and sacrifice. Again... the paycheck would have to be sweet.

But you know what. I will apply. I'll send my resume and know that what ever happens, there is a plan for me that always works out. You know, as long as I don't move without a job again. That was stupid. Lol.

Anywho, Back to photoshop and Editting. Gotta head to the police department tonight to shoot a PSA and then onwards to home to be poor after paying rent and leaving 20 cents in my back account.


                                         Sarah Gooch