Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Explinations and Miracles

Miracles need no explanation, they just come at a time where you would not have been successful without them. Right now the miracle in my life is pocket change. As it just made the 7 dollars I needed for my rent check to not bounce. Another slightly less fortunate miracle is that of Wifi and Tobacco. Without both I would not be online listening to better radio from better cities while I type this blog.

Artist of the week, Gym Class Heros. Yep, its been pretty helpful for me to listen to them this week. I have needed a good soundtrack to keep me moving through all the pointless crap and stupid arguements. Right now the only thing I am running on, Smokes, Sleep, Snuggles. I think that tonight I will have to go without one of my S's.

The Cat and Dog were fighting something hard core tonight, don't know what was up with bonni, but she wasn't putting up with Molle's crap. Every time the ball rolled over to Bonni's corner, it was like satan cat had crawled out of hell to scratch Molle's eyes out. We finally got them to play nice, long enough for me and John to fight over who was hungrier. For him to walk off, and for me to walk out and grab my keys and take a drive around the block.

So here I am, Smoking like High Noon in the Dessert. Typing like my keys are on fire. There is nothing wrong with either of us, we are just tired of looking for couch change for the rent. I shouldn't be so hard on John. He just went out and got a second job today and god knows I am so grateful that I don't have to carry us next month too. It really is exhausting to work this hard and this long and have nothing to pay the rent with after its all done. 

All and all the moral of the story is, Make lots of money. Because no matter what situation your in, it doesn't hurt to have money. However, it doesn't matter how in love your are or how happy you are, Your rent is still due at the beginning of every month and they will not hesitate to cut your power/water off if you can't pay. If they took checks in the form of love or maybe ever ambition... That would be swell, but until then.. It'll be two jobs for me, exhaustion and fights about money and food.

                     Keep on Keep'n on.

                                                          Sarah Gooch

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