Monday, September 16, 2013

Wallow... Word of the Day?

Trying not to be pathetic but let me just be the first to say the being a woman is rad for 3 weeks out of 4. Its all magical and shit... then the bill comes due. Today, I am paying the bill and trying to get every little bit out of it I can.

Ordered pizza and pasta. Thought, well at least I can just eat what I am craving. What a novel idea, Yes, I can eat but let me assure you that cramps on a full tummy are 15x worse then on a relatively empty one. Alright.. thats fine.

So chocolate right? Oh your so right. Went through the house stash in 35 min, (which mind you wasn't much) John brought chocolate. <love> And it was reese's and it was king size. Thank god you beautiful man you.

Ironicly, rage was never included. Or sadness. Just pain. Lots and lots of pain. So I shall sleep and watch HBO when i cant sleep, and hang out with my pets. Then when I can no longer sleep, I shall soak. Then I shall sleep again.

So. Please don't pitty me. This is what makes my pain tolerance so amazing. It builds character, and allows me one day where my body will not allow me to clean on my days off.  ;)

So bring it on woman parts...
     I've got tylonal pm and chocolate... (and pizza,pasta and wings, Thanks Pizza Hut)

                                     Sarah Gooch

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