Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The days of....Plenty?

Another non-holiday/holiday has come and gone...and I rocked going to work and even had a cook out with some good friends. It was nice to host a part at my home and to just relax not worring about having to get home after the party. The clean up was simple and I even had leftovers! WOO! After taking a non-eat out pledge. (no its not dirty) We have probably saves close to 200 $ in the last (almost month) from eating at home and not spending any money on fast food or vending machines. This is a good thing in many ways as I am preping to go to disney world at the begining of Dec. Im very exceited and the no outside food rule that has been imposed on my house and body has not only saved me money but has knocked off a couple pounds from my hips. Ha. Who would have thought.

Our bonfire from last night. xD
Things with the family (bo's fam) continue to improve, which is great. We spend more time with them and things are begining to feel normal again. But here is the best of the news. I was offered Full Time at the Petstore! Woo! The best part of this understanding that i am not going to quit my city job, so I am just going to add a 150 bucks to my budget which is going to help keep me in the black. John's job search continues. Hopefully he gets something soon, but I have gotten used to working 24/7 no days off. It's just normal. My sleep schedule has suffered a touch but ive gotten used to the smaller amount of hours.

All and all, being young and way to busy has seemed to work really really well.
I hope everything is going well with the rest of you. <3

-Sarah Gooch

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