Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vent... Not just for air circulation!

I won't post this update anywhere. If someone reads it, it's probably because they happened apon it by complete accident.

First off, Today was horrible. Truely horrible. It wasn't the worst, but it was pretty up there on the craptastic scale. Work #1 Pet store shit. Associates get worse and worse every week. I have been carrying around alot of tension in my shoulders, and it is mostly from cleaning up after lazy people. I do it for people I love only. Right now this is limited to my Pets, my Family and my Boyfriend. Even he has a point where I start to get alittle Rwar.

Rwar has happened. I went postal this morning when i came in and saw the amount of dead fish in the tanks, the dirty filters, the nasty milky white quarntine tank with the same filters that I put in there on Sat.... I'm done. Im don't playing mother to lazyness. Ignorance is one thing, I will teach, i will learn right along side you. But i will not, and will never again take up for you or have pitty on you when you are flat out lazy/late/or call out 2 hours after your shift begins. This is your job. Do it or get the fuck out.

Secondly. Job#2 Walk into a shit storm started by one of the other video techs about how I am not doing what he needs me to do. Uh. Buddy i told you i am waiting for clearance to get that b-roll. Shut your face. I can not do what i am not authorized to do, and to get your b-roll I need an escort. Over it. Told my Boss i was over it. She's over it too.

Bonni. -> Pee'd on the couch. Thanks cat.
Molle-> Destroyed paperplates, one of her backpack pouches and a treat bag. Thanks dog.

John-> I love you. Thank you for the flowers. <3

On and on today has sucked ass. As soon as I get off here I am going to go tan for a lil bit...then go take a long ass bath.. maybe stop by walmart and get some bath salts first and do it right. I need it.

If i don't hulk out at throw someone through a wall first with all this shoulder tension. Lol.

Anywho, Thanks for the Vent Session.
Sorry If you got trapped into reading it.

                                                               -=Sarah Gooch

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