Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall gives birth to Winter....

It's offically cold ... my bank account is reflecting my Disney World Trip being almost paid off. Today my house smells like beef and potatos in a tomato base... My crock pot it working and making food as I make money. Its been a long week with close to 40 hours Pet Store and 35 hours City... This paycheck is going to rock however it was very hard earned. Ill keep the fire lit under it but this week I don't think ill work anything over extra at the city. Sunday will be the first complete day off I have had in a month and a half. I don't even know what to do with a full day off other then hang out with my dog and maybe go for a hike.

My bike is getting closer and closer to being repaired. I need new tires and tubes and me and the molle mobile will be ready for the road again.

Molle straped into the new bike pulled cart!
Until then I have a derby skills test to train for. Laps are my primary concern seeing as I am very out of shape. This week I get to hit up two derby practices! Sunday and Tue! I am in the process of washing my pads for this week as I have already got them all stinky!

Today I have one video shoot at 3:30, and then I get to go home, swap out my closets winter to summer, do laundry and reset the garage with all the summer gear! Here is to hoping that I will have enough storage bins and enough hangers for my many coats!

I LOVE WINTER. Prepaire for happy.

                                                                             -Sarah Gooch

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