Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From the Desk of....

Many people can discribe me as many things.
A animal lover, someone who will stand up for the voiceless and will gladly give up her food to give a dog or cat or guinea pig or horse some kibble or grain of feed. You would not be wrong in lableing me as an animal lover. Sometimes i consider the comfort of my dog or cat over that of my own. My dog will never go outside without a coat if I feel like I can not go outside without one... My cat will never be left to fend of her self if i decide I want to go on vaction...she will always have a pet sitter...My guinea pigs travel with me or they stay with my loving man.. And my rescues never go without a meal or ever miss a floor time.
A girlfirend it may be true that me and John have been an item "forever" but that does not make anything about us, part of me. It is true that i will drop anything for him to be at his side if he ever needs me. It is also true that if he is ever sick or hungry or in pain...i legitimatly feel his pain. If john is angery or upset, I am angry and upset. If he is happy...i litterlly can not resist the erge to giggle or hug him even if i have had the worst day. He is my other half, but that does not define me. I am my own person with or without john. I will not heistate to say that he makes me a better person, because he does. But i was already pretty awesome on my own. Here is why. I have a loving heart. I will be there of anyone that needs help, not just friends...even strangers. I am naturally a big sister type. I want to help, i want to be supportive, and I want to help you up. I am forgiving, even people who have torn my heart out have gotten second chances from me, sometimes even third chances. I am protective, you will never feel as if you are not safe with my word. I am what i say i am and what i say i will do. I am not however a doormat for you to whipe your feet on while you transition through life. Over the years i have grown to understand that my need to shelter and protect and help people has gotten me hurt. Not everyone can be fixed, and not everyone that wants help will help themselves. Ive learned the hardest lesson here. How to let go.
Ive let go of friends, family, and oppertunities that have hurt,betrayed, and used me. So here is the deal, i will always be the first to rech out and offer you my hand. If you chose to take it know that ill be there for you step by step. But the second you choose to pull me down with you, thats when I will let you go. Friendship is offered to everyone I meet. Not everyone will take it. Ill continue to be me.
So...Definations? Are they really true?
Am I really an amimal lover if i eat meat and enjoy hunting?
Am i really a "girlfriend" if i refuse to let the relationship define me?
Yes. Because I am me, I define my defintions, i define me.
---this non sense brought to you by
Sarah Gooch 

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