Saturday, December 14, 2013

Disney World!!

The Great Disney World Wrap UP!

First off, I took over 500 pictures, of things that I can not even begin to discribe. They are off the charts on a magical level. Id like to say secondly that I am no longer considered a disney novice, and have now 2 weeks of disney under my belt during two seperate seasons. I can honestly make the observation that even though i got nailed with at least 29 strollers, and got my foot run over by a couple fat asses on their "meat carts" or motorized scooters this place is truely the happiest place on earth.

I digress, and we shall start with the first magical element.

Everyone, and I mean everyone loves the characters at disney. I would venture to say that I love all of them, but their are few I will wait to take a picture with.  Hints character breakfast. You eat, characters rotate to you, you stop eatting and capture your happyness! Over the course of breakfast I got 3 more pictures with 3 more characters. Donald, Mickey and Minnie. Happyness.
Now I never really considered my self a fan of parades, however, disney parades are a work of art. They are very detailed and have some of the most amazing floats you will ever see. And as mentioned above, they have characters. They play the same song for baout 35-40 mins and roll down mainstreet USA in magic kingdom singing and dancing and throwing fake snow at each other.
Que Chip and Dale.
Yes, that is the castle lit up... But hold on, thats another catagory.
While we were at disney I saw over 5 different parades, It is fair to point out the the best one was during the Very Merry Mickey Christmas Party, in which the park was closed down to normall vistors and only those with Very Merry Mickey Bands (65$ a pop) could stay. The parade alone that night was amazing and I doubt anything will ever top it. That brings me to the next topic.
The fire works displays happen twice a night in the magic kingdom. There is the first, Wishes Spectacualar where a projection onto the castle makes the castle come to life and dance with differnet disney characters and movies and themes. (its amazing, and contains Mine, and my best Buddies Disney World Song)
The second display is the fireworks show, they turn down all the lights in the park and lay down some serious blackpowder! My favorite display happened during the Very merry Mickey party.  Here is a snap shot from this show.

The little lights at the bottom of the shot are mickey mouse led hats that actually sencronised with all the magic kingdom nightime shows. Its pretty epic.
There is not enough to be said about going to disney with your best friend. Katie B is that buddy. I can say that we had a blast, and basicly chewed through all our fingernails in anticipation of this trip! While there we did everything together! Katie, being the trooper she is even caught a cold or had some crazy allergy attack and still kept up with all of us!

Hollywood Studios Light Display
Katie and her mom Linda swore my jaw hit the ground when I walked into the streets to see the Osborn Family Light Display in Hollywood Studios. I believe them. It was definatly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You could stand in the middle of the street and literally not know what to look at during the sencronized light show. It blew my little mind right out the back of head and for a moment it was as if I was a little child...just in awe of christmas and all the magic around me.

It was just incredable. There is really no way to discribe it. Walking into it with all the hype that katie and boone momma gave it, I was like, "Oh yeah...sure". Leaving the light display...I was like.."......OMG, how did they do it! So many lights, so many extention cords! "
This brings me to my final point.
In all honestly, what is more magical then christmas? Really? People revert from their normal asshole, selfish behavior and think of others. People give to the poor, work in soup kitchens, love people who are undeserving and in need. In all honestly it makes people kind, childlike and giving.
Disney at Christmas is a magic overload. Its that feeling you got as a child when you held put up your first christmas tree, when you gave your first present, then you held your first stocking and sang your first silent night with thoughts of  God and Jesus in your heart. That mixed with disney is an overload of childhood happyness that as an Adult...i appreciate so much.

In conclusion. Take your Kids, go with your signigant other or best friend. Share that magical moment with someone who means something to you. Even with the crowds, rude people, and screaming infants.. Its the most magical thing you will ever experance.
--Ps. If you want to make it ever cooler. Be like us and tag on a visit to Universal too!
--Sarah Gooch

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