Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interestingly enough....

Interestingly enough… I am typing this on a word document because there is absolutely nothing to do at work. Why? You ask? Because our super reliable server system is down….again. That’s totally fine though, because Identity Thief is on HBO Go…and I have unlimited data. Bam. Pay me to watch funny movies.


Finished Treeeeeee (random pic)

What’s on the agenda for this week? Well I shall tell you nosey-rosy. This week I am blessed enough to work my ass off until Thur at 5. After thur at 5 I will be Louisville bound, and on Sat morning I will be Disney World bound. I am so excited I could explode. Ironically enough I really don’t want time to rush by, seeing as I have a shit-ton of stuff to complete before I leave. However, as my best friends says…. “ 2 DAYS TILL DISNEY WORLD BITCHES”. I am very….very…very Disney hungry. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Ill be a universal studios for an entire day as well, what does that mean? Come on Harry Potter nerds, we all know what that means. Harry potter world of course!


I have done most of my laundry and need to pack and put away the rest of my laundry. Cleaned the living room and John is supposedly going to finish the countertops in the kitchen so I can sweep and mop. Secondly I have to come up with a storage solution for Molle’s Dog Trolley that I haul behind my bike,. ..It has just been sitting in my kitchen, taking up space and being a tripping hazard.  I think I am going to rig it up on the ceiling the garage. I’d hang it off the wall like the bike….but john’s car (boat) takes up the majority of that garage. The only storage space is up.

Adding the star to the tree! I shall wear Dersh like a backpack! (random Pic)

Secondly, I have 5 guinea pigs, 1 (medically challenged) cat on a prescription diet and a dog to make sure are geared up for john to feed the entire week I am gone. That means, the cat has a fresh bag and a couple cans of wet food, and the dog has more than half a storage bin full of kibbies (kibble) and some treats. The guineas need at least 105 oz. of Hay and a fresh bag of pellets. I’ve got the cat and dog covered but I still need to go shopping for the piggies and get them some fresh veggies as well. I can only hope that john will clean the cats litter box while I am gone…. But that is just a desperate hope.


LASTLY, it is important to note that my father’s birthday is on the 15th. Just one day after I get back, and on a Sunday, So I have to preplan and get a package together for john to mail next Wed for my Dad’s birthday.  My mom’s birthday is this Thursday. I am very excited to call her and wish her happy birthday. The big sha-bang is the idea that my mother will arrive in KY on the 18th. Only 3 days after I return from Disney.  (AHHHHHHH THE CLEANING).

Today I have prioritized to pay the bills that I have to pay before I leave, the rest I will worry about after Disney (money sucker) is over. Rent wrecked my bank account but thankfully I will get paid the day of departure.

Well, I feel like I have talked your ears off. I haven’t updated in a while and I thought I should share why. Thanksgiving is down, dad visited. It was super fucking stressful. I can add that to a list of things I will never do again. EVER.  Disney and Mom are next on the list. Mom will be here until the 28th of DEC. I know it will go more smoothly, me and my mom are just much cooler these days.  I can’t wait for her to get here. I miss my mommy.


Yall take care, Ill post when I get back and hopefully Ill have some great pictures.



-Sarah Gooch

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