Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Rush, A New Year

Parents have come and gone, just like the 2013 Holiday Season! I can say that it was by far the least stressful holiday season I have ever had, even with two job and mom staying with us for a couple weeks I really enjoyed my self.

So nice to be "grown up" and established finally. This was my first holiday with John that we spent together, I'm not gonna say that it was perfect or smooth, but i still would not have changed who I spent it with. <3

Now that I am back to my normal grind 60-67 hours per week my income has leveled out again and we are back ontop of bills. Started paying back my college loans this month too. Wowzers. I could have taken another defurment but I have decided that I will save my last one for when I need it, those rainy days always sneak up on you.

Derby is in full swing this month, I have found my self on the Events Board and can't wait to spend somemore time with my new friends. One of my buddys moved into the house next to me (literally the other side of the townhouse/duplex) and is going to start freshmeat on Jan 12th! I'm very excited to take her to aspalt beach and see her face when she gets her new skates.

Already have plans for my tax return, Gonna pay off my credit card and ditch this high monthly payment! John and I are going to start looking at houses to buy again, I think after this year we have a better idea of what we want, its still a project house but I know now that i do not want to live within the city limits.

And last but not least, please welcome a new member to our family. Einstien a 5 year old corgi!

Throw It! Throw It!
Ein is a touch overweight but other than that he has a clean bill of health and was a rehome situation from a client of the pet store I work for. We are currently working on getting his weight down and within the next month I will be transtitioning both dogs to a Raw-Food Diet. ;)

                                                    Dogs Playing (Facebook Vid Link)

Thats it for now!

-Sarah Gooch

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