Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So, I can defintly say that i couold not show up to this job and the only thing that would be impacted would be that I would not be paid. ; / Hmm.... Well every now and then they acknowledge me. And sometimes I am dragged into meetings, but that is only if i am here when they start... I am never included in memos about big events, they just randomly let me know if i have to run a camera.

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 So it's one thing to feel overlooked at work, but overlooked at home is another story completly. You could walk into my house and look around and tell I live there, and tell when i havent been there in a while. You can also tell when i have had a day off, and when i have be working 13 hour days. But can you tell when john has been home all day or when he has worked an 8 hour day? No. The reason? I do quiet a bit around the house to make it look presentable, John does a great job with the guinea pigs but has to be begged to clean to the kitchen and vaccuming is out of the question for him.
With 2 Dogs, A cat, and 5 guinea pigs Cleaning has to be done. Im at the point where I am about to have to throw away my futon mattress because my cat has peed on it so many times. I just can't clean it. There is no reason for her to do it, other then the fact that she is an asshole. He litter box is clean, she gets attention, she gets fed...Its very frustrating.
So Yeah, I am fine with cleaning, I actually like it. But if what I did was acknowledged I think i would like it even more. As far as work goes with the petstore, I need to too a reboot. My attitude there has gotten rediculous. I need to go back to hard working sarah, and move away from.... Just fuck it...Sarah.
I am gearing up for the grand opening of the convention center, and trying to think positive for the future, but working 65 hours a week for the rest of my life seems like more of a curse then a blessing. I know i should just count my blessings though, at least I have the hours and at least I can make the money. I have insurance through work and through the fed (until my mom drops me). I have rent paid by my boyfriend (mostly) and I have enough money to pay utilies, and the options to repay my student loans. Its a good thing. I just need to drop the negativity.
--Sarah Gooch

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