Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Self Help vs. Vet Help

Okay, so we all know i work at a pet store. Most of you also know that I am a guinea pig enthusist, i have a small herd of pigs, (5 in total) and I moonlight for a guinea pig rescue in Indiana by doing transport for some local shelters. Here is my lil pig family.
Mr. Pibb and John. <3
Tabb, being an ass. <3

Fanta being a goob.
Spite loving her tunnel.
Coke in her Summer run.

Okay, so now that you see my babies, understand that each and every single one, except of one is an adopted pig through the petsore I work at. They where returns, or they where written out because they would never be healthy enough to be vet assured. All except one is healthly as hell and requires no extra vet care.
Mr. Pibb is a sick pig, he has reoccuring upper resp issues not limitted to infections and fluid build up in his lungs. He needs a draft free warm house, and close watchful eye to get him on anti-biotics when he has his flair ups.
I have 3 males, and 2 females. They live in seperate cages and in separate worlds. The only time they see each other or make contact is when they get yard time in the Summer and communicate while eating grass through slotted cage bars.
I will not, EVER nueter them to save me time...or cage space. It is an extremely elective procedure that is costly and very dangerous. So begins my rant.
A person adopts 2 pigs from a shelter. We will call this person Ira Sponsible (see what I did there). She takes the pigs home happy as can be and soon discovers that one of her pigs is pregnant. (bummer)
So she gets on an Facebook Web group to ask about neutering her baby boy pig.

Many people posted helpful comments about doing your research and finding the best possible vet, some even suggested avoided in the process completly... Then.. One person decided to open the trash can that is their mouth... and posted this.

 Is anyone else screaming? Because I was. How dare you adopt something, take responsibilty for its life and well being and then expect the very place that entrusted you with this animal to pay for its upkeep and fund a completly elective surgury? .... You ass. So I spoke up.... and posted.

At this point, I am fed up with the internet pissing match. Oh yes, we know your the savior of those pigs mam. You adopted them to neglect them and you whine to the shelter for money for the pigs they had you adopt. Next time my suggestion is to say no. Animals of any shape or kind are expensive, just as expensive as children. The solution to saving money with animals is to get them preventative care, Not to hit up your nearest pet forum with rash pictures or help my guinea pig cant walk post.
I mean goddamnit people. Take your fucking pets to the vet. They went to college for 6 damn years to help you take care of your pets medical issues and care. If you think an internet forum can replace that, well then I fear for your pet.
I have since left this internet group, i wanted to be a part of a board where i could look a cute pig pictures and read happy stories or maybe even provide someone with support when they lost a loved one. Not troubleshoot pig alements or tech support for your piggie problems. I get this shit at work all day too. PEOPLE ACTUALLY CALL THE PET STORE FOR MEDICAL QUESTIONS.
Ugh my rat is peeing blood, do you know what would cause that? Ugh no, why dont you TAKE IT TO THE FUCKIN VET.
Sigh. There really is no cute for stupid, I just wish people would leave pets out of the equation.
-Sarah Gooch

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