Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Long Live Winter, Welcome Spring.

Thinking of yard work and getting excited about planting flowers, It dawns on me that I am about to turn another year older in April, the start of april non the less. It seems more prudent of me to think about repairing the bald spots in my lawn then it does to think about turning yet another year older. Flower arrangments and southern homes and gardens magazine is more tempting then planing a party.   

I have already moved out my spring decor, the pots are out and Ive already started added compost and turning over the soil. It's far to early to plant anything, but I am excited to have some really beautiful plants this year. John brought up a great idea of turning out little privacy fence into a tomato trelles. The neighbors, (Our buddies) have bought into the idea of installing a in ground garden that will yeild vegi's and fruit, and we are currently working on an idea of putting up a little chain link fence to close off the two yards. (Ein and Molle approve of this idea). I am back to the drawing board on making a guinea pig run, I know this summer they will enjoy being outside and enjoy eating the grass.
As far as events that have taken place, or are about to take place, I have recently come back from the Kennel Club Dog Show in Louisville last weekend, Me, Molle, Amber (our dog trainer) and Murphy (her dog) all went and met some area trainers in KY that are force free, (positive renforcement only) and discussed all kinds of cool things, We watched some confirmations with all differnet kinds of breeds, Saw a herd of really well groomed tiny corgis, and even did well with molle's big dog fear. Ein got his first agility harness, and they both got in training patches. I look forward to learning more about the force free community from amber, and furthering my dogs training this year!

I do get to look forward to seeing my sister at the end of May, till then Ill have to be a little work-aholic to save up overtime and some extra cash to have some fun out there and possibly lay some new ink.

Molle and Ein have started a trend in going to the park with me and our dog trainer and her dog murphy to do agility. We have had so much fun with that and molle takes to it so well. Ein still has a weight problem, but hell so do I. We both start our healty lifestyle change ( not a diet) in April. All and all its been a great year so far, the cat is settling with john well and the guinea pigs are healthy and full of vigor. Looks like john is moving forward in his job hunt and i should be able to safely report some changes soon.

;) Long live winter, But welcome spring.

Sarah Gooch--

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