Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The week after the week that sucked...

So i refused to get on and blog last week, mostly becuase i like to put positive things out there and not use my blog as a platform for sadness. However I will sy that because of the last week I have decided to intensely persue registering Molle as my Service dog. We are working to train her to alert to the start of my migranes so that I may take medicine before it is to late. Also, the dog will be trained to get my medicine, turn off the lights and to get help if a migrane strikes and I am unable to walk or stand alone. Because of molle's small size she can not be a stability dog. However she is very intelligent and can help with tasks that are daunting with my headaches.

I am going to start her formal training process, working closely with amber and sara at petsmart, the two 6 month courses that are required will teach them basic leash manners and hand signaling even when distactions are present. Molle has to be able to maintain complete control when in public places with me. She must be able to walk slack leashed and at my side. Her attention must always be on me. I have already gotten approval from my doctor, and will get a written note to keep in a file. Once she is ready and passes her canine good citizen test ill gete her harness and register her.

I am fully aware that there is no test that can say molle is a Service Dog, (SD) her behavior will be proof enough. Thus i am very dedicated to her training, however their are very benifical test out there that can help build molles working dog portofilo.

Im very excited.

Sara Gooch

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