Monday, December 8, 2014

A long time coming...

Yadda Yadda Yadda, I never update, my life has gotten super busy! Whatever shut up you whiner I am here now and I am ready to share. Filling the time between emails is defiantly my calling in life when it comes down to work with the city, Lately work at the pet shop and the city have flip flopped. The pet store has gone and decided to make me a groomer! No, Truly.
Graduation Day, Also Halloween!
They sent me away for this thing called Academy, which was a month long, 40 hours a week hands on training. I learned to do patterns on dogs, manage the operations of day to day tasking in the salon, safety and basic shave downs. The real work started after graduation day when I got into my Field practice called "100 dogs". Its exactly what it sounds like. I have to do full haircuts on 100 dogs and do 5 technical which are completely graded from start to finish! Now I have knocked out 53 out of my 100 as of yesterday, So I am halfway there (living on prayer).

Ready for the "real world"
 After I get out of field practice I become eligible for this wonderful thing called commission. Where I earn 50% of everything I sell. *le sigh* It will be so nice. Now I am still at the city working as a video tech, don't let me fool you. 72 hours a week dies hard and its also a mean bitch, I'm actually here right now trying to schedule my shoots for the week so I have something to work on.

Airshow 2014
There are many days where I consider leaving this job, but my freshly minted and not yet paid for degree screams in my ear for me not to. It is very decent money and its nice to have a second paycheck to do fun things with but honestly I wonder what it would be like to JUST work a 40 hour week. Still it seems like a fun thing to do to dream about having a career in this field where I didn't need the pet store, Yet the pet store step by step has paid me more, and rewarded me more just for putting it first! Its a Sand pit.

None the less, not many can say they love their jobs. I love both of mine, but i also love sleep. Can someone pay me to sleep? Sign me up.

Oh well, That's all you get for now. No promises about the next update!

Happy Yule! Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

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